7 best jobs to work from home remotely

WIth high-speed internet connection and mobile devices, it’s becoming more popular to hire people remotely. Most of the businesses are going global so they usually do not open a local office. It makes sense because you do not need to pay rent, buy assets, hire office managers when there is an option to allow employees to work from home. Fewer expenses spent on the employee can reflect in a good salary increase so there are more advantages in this approach.

Some positions require only part-time employment but that is more related to the area of business. IT companies are the most unstable at the moment so it’s not surprising that they are more focused on part-time employees. If you are a freelancer with a free time than you can work at 2-3 positions at the same time. So working schedule should not affect your monthly salary. The following analysis is based on Indeed numbers so is relevant and reliable for United States area.


1. Remote customer support assistant

remote customer support assistant

Job description: The role requires an applicant a variety of skills: online availability due to the schedule, high working efficiency, good written and verbal English. You should support business teams, provide accurate and in-time responses to the internal or external clients.

Perfect for: The people who prefer fixed working schedule with no in-depth experience in any field.

Benefits: Is considered to be one of the jobs with no experience needed. Learning is often provided by the employer.


2. Remote accountant assistant

remote accountant assistant

Job description: An applicant should have a basic financial experience, high accuracy, be attentive to details and pretty efficient to meet the estimated deadlines. Prior experience in bookkeeping is preferred. Should have an advanced knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access).

Perfect for: The people who prefer working with numbers and is not afraid of the daily routine.

Benefits: Since it is directly connected to the business (cash flow, revenue, income, tax reporting) stakeholders are opened to pay more.


3. Social media helper

social media evalutor planner

Job description: You will be helping the social media account to grow the audience size and retain the existing users base. The responsibilities may include (but not limited to) posting relevant information frequently, responding to the user’s comments, writing a content, editing photo or video, analyzing users activity to improve retention rate or user engagement. The applicant should be familiar with ouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Perfect for: Someone who loves working with internet audience (live people), understand their behavior and increase engagement with a social media account.

Benefits: You will not be bored with similar tasks. Helping to grow in social media is something relevantly new to the market so everyone without prior experience is welcome. If you get enough experience there is an option of creating your own social media project.


4. Analyst


Job description: A full-time basis position. Usually, analysts are getting access to all operational or finance activity of the business. So a good remote analyst should be able to use a sophisticated software like Python, R, SPSS, Tableau, SQL or at least MS Excel if the amount of data is not significant. The goal is to provide what specific managerial actions should be applied in order to increase the efficiency of operations, reduce the costs, foresee an opportunity of growing the revenue etc.

Perfect for: Someone who loves working with numbers, reveal practically useful insights out the large amounts of data.

Benefits: Your results will depend mostly on your own productivity. Usually, the amount of analysts is not so high so you can get yourself good hourly rates. A basic salary starts from 30-40 thousand dollars even on junior positions!


5. Remote education consultant

remote education consultant

Job description: The role requires knowing good at least one subject. The end goal is to teach via Skype (or any other software) other people. The rates vary depending on skills you have, experience and knowledge base.

Perfect for: Professionals who love to teach, express own minds in easy to understand manner. Preferred for language tutors as a most required specialist.

Benefits: If you are a pro in any field – use it! In our fast evolving technologies if you know something very well it may become useless any day. To gain maximum profit out of your knowledge just teach someone. Since most of the parents are willing to pay high for their children classes you have an ability to earn a lot – up to 130’000$ annually.


6. Recruiter

recruiter work from home

Job description: You should be searching for appropriate people through LinkedIn, Indeed, Craiglist or any other job websites. The idea is to close the business vacancies of any given company. Ideally, recruiter works from home since he is paid on a result basis. A role requires a good understanding of core needs of the vacancy, responsibilities of the position. So you can find the appropriate person, arrange an interview to understand if a person fits the positions.

Perfect for: Those who like flexible working schedule, work from home without any fixed hours. It is not linked to any company so you can open more opportunities to earn money by finding a good applicant and connecting him to some firm that is likely to hire him.

Benefits: Payment per result basis. Which means that if a person fits you can get some percentage of his salary or a fixed price agreed with the company. Flexible working hours and even days of the week.


7. Content writer

content writer editor

Job description: An ideal candidate for this position can earn up to 50$ per hour with the average salary of 19$/h. Key responsibilities are writing a content to improve a user experience, give an appropriate understand of any product, provide a unique description (in case of online stores). Content writers work from home as there is no need to keep this kind of personnel in the office. Tasks require good written and verbal English, so please be aware of that. In case you are interested, don’t miss our latest advice on increasing the copywriter’s earnings.

Perfect for: People love to write the articles, have creative thoughts on how to present usual things in an extraordinary way.

Benefits: You should provide the estimated amount of text on a given topic and meet the deadlines. So any working schedule that works for you is fine.


Do not forget the most precious advantage – you save your time

These are the most common jobs anyone can apply for and start working remotely. You will not need to visit the office, waste your time on the endless way from home to the city center and back. So this time saving can result in extra 1-2 hours per day that anyone can use to:

  • rest more;
  • spend the time with family;
  • get an additional online education on Udacity, Coursera or Udemy;
  • increase your earnings by doing freelance tasks on Upwork, Odesk or Freelance.


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