Top-7 mobile applications for money-making and cash rewards

Do you have a mobile device? I bet you do! How much have you earned so far? If you can not answer the question below – just read the article below. The time has come for you to start earning money using a mobile device!

Every owner of a mobile phone or tablet should understand that it is possible to gain some profit without any complications. All you have to do is to spend a couple of minutes per day playing games, watching videos, doing surveys. Seems pretty simple. Every action you take will result in a small cash reward transferred into your personal account. Later on, you can withdraw earned money into your Payoneer card if you have one.

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How to start money-making on a mobile device?

The recipe is very simple:

  1. You should download a specific application that defines a task for you.
  2. On a daily basis you will get the tasks to be done: watch the ad, download the game, play the game, visit the website, make an action, complete a survey etc.
  3. After finishing the task you will get your reward.
  4. Rewards (cash) can be withdrawn into a bank account, spent in online stores or exchanged with gift cards. It depends on the program you are participating in.


1. Slidejoy

It is one of the most interesting applications. A regular money-making application requires you to do any sort of actions. In order to get paid any user is wasting his time to watch ads, video, play games. With Slidejoy everything is simple! Even CNBC mentioned this start-up a while ago.

How does it work? You install the app and it integrates directly into your lock screen. When you check the time, the weather or any missed calls – the ad is displayed. So without any additional actions to be applied, you are earning. It can be an extra 2-6$ earnings per month. Since it does not require any time spent on watching the videos Slidejoy is considered to be one of the best rewarded applications. But at the moment it is limited to Android OS only.

slidejoy cash earning

Android link –

2. Google Opinion Rewards (Survey Application)

The official application from Google allows a user to make money by doing a simple survey. Simply like that! This is the official app which is distributed by the company so everyone can be confident that he will earn the money in a legitimate way. The average length of a survey is 1 minute and the maximum daily payment can vary up to 1$ to your Google Wallet. The currency you earn is a “Google Play credit” can be spent via the app to make any kind of purchases in Google Play or in the applications.

google opinion rewards

Android link –


3. App Trailers

It is one of the rewarded apps that is paying credits for watching all kinds of videos: trailers, advertisements, news, DIY videos or even vines! The developers have additionally added an ability to earn credits by playing the games, answer trivia questions. Most popular types of bonus withdrawal are in place: Amazon, Paypal.

app trailers rewards app

iOS link –

Android link –


4. Yoolotto

A pretty interesting application which exists on a market for a while. Yoolotto allows anyone to complete tasks of watching the videos, playing games or even completing the tasks. As a reward, you are paid with Yoobux points that can be converted to a real money via Paypal or exchanged for an Amazon Gift Cards.

Yoolotto cash rewards

Android link –


5. Perk TV

The app that pays you for watching the videos 15-300 seconds long. If it is long enough more Perk Points. It is one of the biggest rewarded programs you can find because Per Points can be spent on:

  • Giftcards: Target, Gap, Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Groupon and many more;
  • Electronics;
  • US Airways or Alaska Airlines additional miles;
  • Charity.

mobile monetization with perk tv

iOS link –

Android link –


6. Viggle

It is another rewarded app from Perk that allows earning Per Points in order to withdraw the cash into PayPal account or exchange with gift cards. With Viggle rewards, it is possible to increase your daily earnings by completing everyday tasks. Usually, rewarding mobile application Viggle is providing these tasks:

  • watching the videos;
  • watching a bonus shows;
  • playing the games;
  • completing the installation of the apps.

viggle rewards rewarding mobile application

iOS link –

Android link –


7. Swagbucks

In this application, you can earn Swagbucks and later on withdraw them on any kind of gift cards, bonuses, discounts or even exchange on a real cash. The most common exchanges are made with PayPal, Amazon, Target, Walmart or Starbucks.

To earn Swagbucks you should watch videos until completion, take offers, download and install the applications, take surveys etc.


iOS link –

Android link –


Finally, you have all the information needed to start money making. All you need to do is install any application to try it out. But I would suggest trying them all. After a week or two, it would become clear which one works better for you. But remember, that most probably these cash rewards would not be as high as any online job.

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