2 major ways to get money from website

Greetings everybody! If you have your own website or only planning to have one you should read this article. I will share with you the 2 most effective ways to get money from your website. Why not 10 or 20 or 1001? I consider this a stupid idea to give you a million words that worse nothing. It’s better to highlight 2 main ideas and you can pick one of them or even create a mix to get the maximum profit.

That is really interesting because I will provide recommendations based on my own experience of website development and it’s successful monetization.

1. Affiliate promotion

You will find dozens of articles stating that it’s not the most effective way to get money from website. Don’t believe them.

The first website that I have created was not monetized with annoying ads.

First of all, because the sites without it are more likely to be ranked high (Wikipedia is the best example).

Secondly, I thought that showing ads which you can not control properly can harm your reputation.

And of course, paying for clicks from Google is not as profitable as any direct partnership which guarantee’s you fixed rate per impression.

Considering these facts affiliate promotion is one of the major ways to get money from website. Next, I want to show your pros and cons connected to this website monetization type.

Why is affiliate marketing very interesting for your website?

  • Revenue depends on your audience size. The more people you can reach out to – the more you get money from website. It is a straightforward correlation if the topic of your ad is relevant to the site;
  • You are not showing any ads constantly to your audience and usually people trust more the information you highlight in the articles. No ads – more authority for you as an owner;
  • You choose the offers that matters to your audience and know what price per customer you will get paid;
  • You can promote products or services directly from advertiser without any 3rd party. This approach gives you at least +30% payout per customer;
  • On affiliate marketing you are not paying 50% or more to a middle man like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc;
  • The paycheck from successful affiliate promotion campaign is usually as high as annual income from advertisement.

What limitations should be considered before starting using affiliate offers on your website?

  • You should not monetize small audience as it will not result in high revenue. Your daily audiebce of unique users should be at least 3000;
  • You should remove any ads that are not connected to affiliate offers. I know cases when directly per customer I could receive 8% from their spends on the affiliate website. That is in average 12-16$ per customer. But at the same time, people were clicking on Google ads (from the same advertiser on the same page of my website!) and I was getting 0.8$ per click! Feel my pain ladies and gentleman 🙂
  • You should write an article that is connected to promotion you are doing so that looks like a recommendation. For example, you can tell what hosting you are using, describe it’s advantages and recommend people to use your affiliate link and register their own site. It’s very good example because: a) you are telling the truth; b) if people will not use your link they will still pay the same price so they should not avoid using your link.

2. Monetization with ads from Google Adsense, Yandex Direct, Baidu PPC

There are a couple of biggest search engines I know about: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, Baidu. The first three are familiar to you as they are the biggest one for English speaking audience. Yandex is the biggest search engine in Russian speaking markets, Baidu in Chinese one. So I suppose you understand that if your audience is situated in English speaking markets you should be focused on Google Adsense. If not – Yandex Direct or Baidu PPC.

In this case, I will speak more about Google Adsense. There is nothing complicated in setting up your Adsense account. Just create one, copy the piece of code and paste on the website. That’s all you have to do to start getting money from your website using Google ads. Now Google will place the ad where it considers it will give the best effect so you don’t have to put anything by yourself.

Why is Adsense program very popular amongst webmasters and site owners?

  • You are integration a small piece of code to start earning on your site;
  • There is online competition for your online placement where 100+ advertisers are suggesting their rates;
  • Google is using its algorithms and user data to show personalized ads which is why only relevant ads should be shown;
  • You can optimize advertisers, ad formats, categories of ads for maximal income;
  • Google is paying a wire transfer worldwide directly to your bank account without any fees or fines or hidden commissions;
  • Yoy can use Google Adwords for keyword planning of your website promotion and Google Analytics to maximize revenue from your ad placements as these products are connected.

So you placed the ads and considering that you should become rich? Don’t make any conclusion until you see your first paycheck!

What is the limitation of Adsense?

  • The minimum paycheck to withdraw your earnings should be more than 100$;
  • You will be paid for the clicks mostly and not for views so be ready to show the ads almost for free if your audience does not respond to the advertisement (though I assume that advertisers pay Google for views);
  • If there is no competition for your ad placement your price per view/click can be really low and you will not get money from website in some periods though the ads will be in place;
  • Adsense does not have a revenue share model which is why is less interesting than affiliate promotion;
  • Ads can be annoying and you should consider that they can decrease the popularity of your resource.

best practice

So what is the best recipe?

I would advise to be very accurate with Adsense and use it only as a plan “B”. You should create a good blog with minimum ads. And by chance go directly to advertisers and get affiliate links with good rates or revenue share. Use that links to receive the commission based profit.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article! By chance please press share button on your social network. I would appreciate this. Bye!

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