11 ways to increase freelance writer earnings

Hi, today we are going to review top 11 ways to boost your earnings if you are a copywriter. I would be honest so this article is more for professional freelance writers. In case you only want to become a pro you should definitely get familiar with this information.

Before we get started let’s review the copywriter’s rates. They depend on the knowledge you have in the specific area, certificates you have and even your ability to present yourself. We will not consider them and provide just a raw stats:

  • the lowest copywriter rates: 1-3$ per hour;
  • rates for casual topics and individual websites: 4-9$;
  • professional copywriting with SEO optimization and keyword planning: 10-27$;
  • corporate copywriters, employees with bonus system depending on results: 27-60$.

Ways to increase freelance writer earnings

Increase freelance writer earning in online copywriting

1. Create an online portfolio

Portfolio with the best articles you wrote (show text fragments as a picture). Clients like to hire people who are highly professional and can prove their skills in real-life projects. If you will show them how helpful you have been for somebody’s online business your chances to be hired will rapidly grow. And of course, your hourly rates will significantly increase.

2. Mention clients names and projects you worked with

That is the fact which can double your hourly rates. All freelancer from India and other countries can tell the client that they are the best. But only you should prove your experience to get yourself involved in copywriting for a professional website.

3. Add a language tests (certificate) into your portfolio

It occurs that some of the clients are constantly paying high rates because they want to find the best copywriters. And they want to pay for a reason. Having a certificate will prove your skills and distinguish from other freelance writers. So you can ask to get paid at high rates

4. Increase the size of the articles (If you get paid by the size of an article)

It is very important to understand that writing 10 small articles is a much more time-consuming thing than writing 1 big one with the same amount of symbols. The amount of symbols is the 80% of copywriter paycheck. So you can easily increase your freelance earnings by writing one big article instead of a couple of small ones. Mainly that’s because for each new article you should understand the topic, find relevant pictures and think about individual structure. When doing one project you can decrease the amount of time spent and increase total revenue at the end of the month.

5. Decrease the size of the articles (if you get paid on an hourly basis)

As it will require more time for you to deliver the result. And the number of hours billed to the client will grow.

6. Don’t forget to sell added value

Always suggest adding relevant pictures with additional Photoshop editing, applying filters or adding stylish text to them etc. The formatting matters. Some publishing tasks require 50% of the time to be wasted for proper formatting. Don’t forget to suggest this and charge the client after. It’s not so hard to understand what added value can you bring in addition to copywriting.

7. Increase freelance writer earnings by suggesting high hourly rates

It is not the best practice to take offers with the lowest rates. There are many clients I know that will pay a high rate for an appropriate person. You just have to seek for the good offers and don’t miss your chance when you have it. And do not forget to tell why the rates are high. You will not win a good offer without answering the question: why is my rate reasonable?

8. Find a relevant niche

The best topics that are always in demand are health, relationship, dating, finance, business, shopping. They are not the most interesting one and usually, there are a lot of authors that know the topic well.

But some new areas of focus appear every day. For example cryptocurrency, war conflicts, new serials, new music bands etc. This niche is almost empty in the beginning. So if you will take some offers and understand the topic better you can make a good money with unique knowledge and specialization.

9. Focus on the clients and offers that take less time

It will sound strange but clients that give more requirements are usually paying less. And that is the fact. Mostly it caused by the reason that these guys know the subject well. They understand that there are a lot of copywriters and competition amongst them will lower the rates and they can get a good pro for cheap.

And vice versa. Sometimes the client can trust you and with more requirements pay more. You should be able to see that opportunity and work more with a client that pays more for less time. And increase partnership with him. As usual, we pay more attention to the clients which are complaining a lot and are not really the best persons to deal with.

10. Automate your workflow

It’s the 21st century! Robots can print the articles same as copywriters do. Well, almost)

You should know the phrase you are constantly using and prepare a template. So if you don’t know how to start a sentence just go to templates sheet and past “You will not believe but … “. Or you can make a separate Word document with header, body and conclusion part of the article that will count the number of words inside of each part. So you know how much text you should type in order to deliver the result and for the article to look ordinary and visually well structured.

With automation, you save your time so you have more opportunities to receive some additional revenue!

11. Start to delegate routine tasks and move forward to client facing

Many of you thought I will describe how to work. But the idea of the article is more to teach you that it’s not necessarily to work if you want to increase money earnings as a freelance writer. You can earn it but without typing.

The idea is simple. You can switch to client facing side and become a person who only takes the offers, negotiate the rates and quality etc. Then you go to resources like Upwork or Freelance and hire appropriate people with low rates. The only thing you have to control is a quality they deliver. This is how you can delegate the tasks you did before to other people. And hopefully grow your individual online job into a big company and become a CEO/founder.


Just beware of one limitation which I consider a critical one – know your business. Do not start a company from scratch. Evolve from the lowest position as this is the only way to get rich and successful.

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