How to get more unique visitors and increase website traffic?

This is one of the keystones of website monetization. You should care about audience size as it directly correlates to the estimated revenue. Regardless of the website promotion ways. This article is useful for newbies but even professional site owners can take some advantages after reading it.

grow website unique user base


The main website traffic definitions and their benchmarks

Unique visitors – is a metric that describes how much unique devices are visiting your website on a daily (DAU – daily active users) or monthly (MAU – monthly active users) basis. You should aim at least at 1’000 DAU to understand if you can earn money online and up to 50’000 MAU to earn 2’000$ from any monetization type you choose.

User session depth – is a number of pages on a website a user is browsing through. You should aim at 4-6 pages session depth across all your audience. That will confirm the usefulness of the content for the end users. If the user is watching only one page he visited I would recommend restructuring website. Users are not interested in the content if they do not visit more than one page. Or they have no physical options to visit another interesting link.

Bounce rate – the percentage of users who visited only one page of the website and left. This metrics is highlighting how good you are at users retention. Improve navigation, give more related posts or links in the article. No matter what exactly should be done. As a result, you should force the user to read another article. It would bring more views, more ads displayed, more revenue generated.

Retention rate – the percentage of retained users who already visited site earlier.

Organic search – the source of the traffic. It is a traffic from search engines that are not motivated by any paid ads. The higher website sits in the search results – the more traffic is generated by organic search.

Authority or Weight – the rating of your website or its internal page. You can consider it as a rate which is given by search engines. Since they are one of the main traffic sources it is required to increase the weight of the resource. It can be done by posting links from relevant forums, social media, other web pages. The donors should be good otherwise they will share their “bad” score.

Time on page Рan average time spent while reading a website page(s). This is a critical parameter since shows how the user is interacted with what is written. As an example, if your users spend 4 seconds on a page it means they are not interested in the information. Most probably they expect to see the other content. But if it is 5-10 minutes that should increase the authority of webpage along with site positions in search engines. The result will also increase the website traffic mostly from organic search.


The recipe to increase website traffic is pretty simple:

  • The content should be useful to increase time on page and decrease bounce rate to less than 5%;
  • The navigation is simple, situated in the visible place. So the user can browse further from any corner of a page to achieve the deepest session depth ever;
  • The website is regularly promoted in social media with direct links so that you have fresh unique user flow. Don’t forget to use hashtags!
  • Well-known forums and catalogs (Google Business, Alexa Rank, Yandex Catalogue etc) have at least 1 direct link to your site to increase the authority rate;
  • Assure having a good Web Of Trust score (believe me you need it). It is an extension that many users trust to;
  • Posts should be regularly updated (no one likes old resources). So that organic traffic will continue to grow to bring in the unique audience;
  • There are opened comments. People like to talk and opened comments allow them to talk to each other. So that retention rate will be at high level.


Digital marketing tips to grow organic search

Use a lot of not popular niche keywords. Do not try to be better than big sites promoting popular keywords (100-1000K visits per month). As it seems like their positions are “fixed” in the top of search engines results for ages. Be the best where competition is low. If a new serial is launched on HBO or Netflix easily create a resource that should become popular because there are not so many competitors around.

Try to be natural. Do not write the text for search engines. People are not robots so your text should be simple and easy-to-read. There is no need to use keywords from Google AdWords with any density. Just mention them 1 time in the text. in the article title or one of the headlines. That should be enough.

Post content regularly. Feed the search engine robots like a living being. If you can not dedicate your free time for copywriting just hire someone on UpWork/Freelance. There are a lot of writers waiting for you. It is just a matter of rates to find the appropriate person.


How to increase the incoming traffic artificially?

There are a lot of ways to do that. For example, I used referral links on Quora, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VK, SnapChat, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, YouTube videos, of course, Google+! Treat referral links as a funnel (portal) to your website. People go to Facebook to find something interesting, reading through a lot of posts and finally get to yours. In this post, they can see a link to the interesting article (because you care about your content). Usually, all of them will click to read. For you Рits the free traffic! The more referral links to the site you have Рthe better conversion will generate new users flow.

Paid advertising is a good way to become #1 in search engine results. It is more or less easy to start your advertising with Google AdWords. Just pay for clicks (views) to get more people engaged with the promoted website. It is more relevant for the people who create online stores, promotes their business. Because if the goal is to monetize website through placing advertisement it will not be worth it (unless your audience is already big so you can afford that).

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