9 most popular entry-level jobs online (no experience needed)

Hi everybody. Today I want to share with you my experience on how to earn first 100$ online. We will go through 9 most popular entry-level jobs with no prior experience needed.

What do you need to have in order to apply for entry-level jobs online?

What you basically have to have is an internet access, good written and verbal English (any other language is an advantage) and a free time. That’s all from a technical standpoint. But as you know the most valuable in this type of partnership between you and the company would be the motivation. That’s right – motivation. You should be willing to obtain an entry-level job because there is no difference between candidates with no experience. So the only thing which distinguishes a good candidate from a bad one would be the desire to work.

entry-level jobs online

What are the top-9 most popular entry-level jobs online?

1. Copywriting. This may sound strange that no experience is needed since you should have a very good knowledge of English grammar (or any other language). But there are really different tasks you may perform. Sometimes Amazon/Shopify stores may ask you to write a page for a new product where you should just add text from a product. Or social media account may need your help in order to post relevant news from time to time. And all you need to do is avoid mistakes while writing a post. After a while, you can evolve into a well-paid copywriter and earn more than 5000$ per month. As of now without prior experience, you can count to get 2-7$ per hour and start from 200-1600$ monthly earnings.


2. Virtual assistant. There are a lot of tasks you can perform as a virtual assistant: answer the emails, phone calls to clients, planning the working schedule of your boss etc. It depends on the client whom you will support but usually, it requires a variety of tasks to be performed. So please be prepared that this is a pretty complicated but a well-paid job. Virtual assistant rates start from 3-5$ per hour and after a 3 month trial period clients usually double the rates. So it’s realistic for you to earn 24-40$ per day and more than 500-1200$ per month in a short-term period of 3+ month. Not so bad for a first job, huh?


3. Data collection. The Internet is full of data which is stored randomly. If you want to have all data structured the way you need – just hire a data collection specialist. The only thing he needs to do is copy and paste data accurately and fast. So if you are fast enough – you will earn more than the others. Averge starting rate for entry-level jobs in data collection is 3-5$. One of the examples of tasks you can do is shown below:

online earning way on entry level job


4. Market research. In some areas, people are interested to gather a data. For example, how many people are selling their houses, how many people support social media influencers in Facebook or Twitter (who are they), what do people think of competitors products etc. To understand that someone has to perform a market research. All the data will be provided on what to do and how it should be done. The rates are very high since its something very important for the clients. So you can count to earn 6-12$ per hour and one research can last for 1-3 month.


5. Tutor of foreign language (native speaker). If you are bilingual and have a native language, that’s the ability to earn money online! You know the language so an entry-level job should be paid higher than any other one. One lesson (hour) can cost 10-60$ as it varies depending on the language you know.


6. Data entry. A very simple job which is why paid less than all the others. You should look up for a good offer in order to start earning good money. The competition will be high so knowledge of English would be the key. Or you can also mention any other advantages while applying for a position of data entry specialist.


7. Client support. It’s the case when your boss has an online store or local business and 1000+ emails are waiting for you to start typing the answers. Sometimes it combines virtual assistant and typist (copywriter). But its the most prospective positions amongst the other.


8. Email / account registration. You can earn by creating an account on different platforms. It is a creation of fake userbase sometimes though it’s still mandatory to become successful in some business. You will be paid low approximately 0.1-0.2$ per account. But if you can create 1000 per day and automate the process the paycheck will grow.


9. Leads generation. If you have an active social network account, you constantly read or post on forums and have not tried to “utilize” your audience – this is a good chance for you! You can take any offers online and post an affiliate link everywhere. When someone uses your link for buying anything or doing some actions, you will be paid. Sometimes your salary will depend on amount traffic generated for the site, sometimes for the number of sales made. It depends.


Where to search entry-level jobs:

Fiest of all assure you have an account to withdraw the money. If you do not know how to do that – please go through this article. If you have one already, check the biggest platforms: Freelancer or Upwork, Indeed. All of them are the best to start with.

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