5 easy ways to earn money from Google: channel, blog, application, website, advertisement

Google is a big corporation tightly connected to an advertisement, promotion, digital 3rd party services, analytics and big data. It is not only a search engine. This is really important to understand that there are very simple ways to earn money from Google if you have the knowledge. Depending on your interests you can choose any monetization type which seems more interesting for you.

Most of the people start thinking that they actually do not need anything to start. But that’s not quite true. The truth is that the less you have or can suggest – the less money you get as a result of your work. So be ready to work hard if you have a big goals. You should understand that ability is not a guarantee. So if this information seems realistic and you are ready to do some efforts in order to earn money from one of the worlds biggest companies – let’s go ahead!


1. Get paid by doing surveys on Google Rewards App

Haven’t you heard that Google pays everyone who has a mobile phone? It is not a charity though. To get some cash from Google first you have to install an application which is called Google Opinion Rewards. A short survey will be offered for you. For example, to get more information about the user. A company may be interested in many different things related to you personally. A screenshot with a real survey that will earn you 0.25$ is shown below:

how to get paid by google rewards app and surveys

Just answer the question and earn your first money easily. The app is also available in tablets so feel free to create multiple accounts from different devices if you want to double your earnings. But remember that to be treated as a unique user you will need a separate device and another Google account. Unlike other services these guys are strictly fighting the fraud.


2. Become a YouTube vlogger, teacher, influencer

It is the most popular type of creating the content after writing. If you consider that writing is not for you than making videos should perfectly fit. You will have to obtain a video editing and filming skills. Also, formatting will take long since in order to assure you have a nice picture, colors, voice it’s mandatory rule that it should be done after filming. Unlike any other type of creating content for video filming, you need the only camera to start with.

Limitations of earning money on Youtube:

  • Ownership of video content or the rights for its monetization;
  • brand safe content that does not violate any policies;
  • appropriate video length content for advertising;
  • the channel has more than 4000 hours views for the last year.

All the details you can find on a relevant Google support page here. If all of the aspects of your channel are not violating any YoTube rules you can turn monetization of any video on and start earning money online!


3. Write your blog. Create a website

You can use a Google Blogger Tool. It is free to use without any payments or annoying ads. An easy and simple constructor will let you build a website in a day. So you can start your blog very quickly. The content would be scanned by search engines without any limitations. Built-in widgets from will let you upgrade your blog with many cool features.

Limitations of earning money on Blogger:

  • no personal domain as you will be limited to blogger.com subdomain;
  • you can integrate ads and earn money on your blog unless your daily audience is high enough;
  • you should accept all Google policies as an owner of the product.

The best way is to create your own website if you have money to start with. Otherwise, even with small audience size, you will not be able to use any way of website monetization. From my experience, if you do not have the patience to develop your blog with Blogger and you have some money to spend on the domain and hosting – it’s better to avoid Blogger. But if not Blogger would be the best option for you.

To increase the chance to grow your audience you can become a news writer. A very good way to promote your website or blog because people every day are reading the news. Just submit your site to Google News to broaden the audience significantly. And do not forget to post news on a regular basis!


4. Integrate Ads into your applications or website

Everyone knows about Adsense. This is a way you can insert automated advertisement blocks from Google directly into your website. It’s a very easy-to-use tool that requires a copy-paste action. Everything else you should know can be provided in your Adsense account. Develop your website and optimize advertising placements in order to make more money. No need to search for clients. No need to negotiate the rates.

Limitations of using Google Adsense:

  • you should have your own website;
  • your audience should be pretty big (in order to earn 1-2$ per month you need to have more than 50 daily visits from 10-20 users);
  • you can control the categories of the ads and whitelist advertisers but not the content inside;
  • ads will be pushing the audience to leave your website so be ready for that.

Google AdMob

If you are an application owner – you should use Google AdMob for monetization. It allows you to integrate the ads directly into your app.

Limitations of using AdMob:

  • an app ownership is required or the rights to integrate AdMob SDK;
  • an appropriate quality of application (content) is required in order to serve the ads using Google platform;
  • you will earn more on rewarded video and less on other formats.

In general, both monetization types require ownership of your product: website or application. So be ready to have some background before applying these monetization ways to earn money from Google. Each way is specific but you can find lots of tutorials how to launch your own online product from scratch.


5. Earn money on recommending a G-Suite subscription

You have an ability to promote a G-Suite from Google. Per every user who will subscribe to a G-Suite product its possible to earn 30$. Its pretty cool since 1 month of the subscription cost a user only 5$. If you have a business related resource promoting such kind of product can bring you a lot of revenue.

Also, some people promote their referral links by mailing systems, posting on forums and even verbal recommendation. Just assure that potential subscriber is using your link to purchase the product. I even heard some people promote this program as a cashback service but its strictly forbidden and violates the terms and conditions of the referral program.

Useful information for those who want to be successful online:

  1. Be confident that you can earn lots of money in any way which is possible;
  2. Work hard as a competition is very high;
  3. Open a debit card (MasterCard) with an online bank account in order to withdraw the money without commission and limitations globally;
  4. Be creative!


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