How to make money in social network: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

Howdy! Today we are gonna review one of the simple ways how to make money in social network. It is a well-known method but not everyone follows it. After this short overview of key points, most of you can start their social network carrier.

So let’s get ready to rumble!

Get familiar with Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, Youtube

make money in social networks

At the moment these three social networks are everything you need to know before you get started. You can register for free or use the existing accounts you have.

You should clearly understand the steps you need in order to be successful:

  1. What type of account you will have on each platform: social media influencer, a thematic group, a small niche audience based on common interests, fan club, lottery & bonus prizes or other types of community.
  2. How will you grow the audience size: what content will you upload and is it interesting for your audience, how many people can be added on a daily basis, are there any ads you can use and how much can it cost? This is critical because organic growth will take time and most of the people would like to accelerate audience growth as soon as they feel the time has come.
  3. How often will you update the content: who will write posts, can they be scheduled, are they good enough and helpful etc. I would advise having at least 2-3 updates daily for social media influencers because you should feed the audience at first. Later on, you can decrease the amount of information. And in case you have a group or community you can publish new information at least 3-7 times per week to retain the existing audience.
  4. What topic would you choose? It happens that people just start and later on understand what area of focus is more interesting for them or their audience. Nevertheless, if you know that your topic is very interesting from the beginning – its just a matter of time when you will start to make money in social network. So be prepared. Do some research what people like most. For me, the most popular one is a sport, health, relationship, money or design. This questions will always bother people.
  5. Do as good as you can: the content, attitude, and desire. Do not work for money. Try to suggest something new to the market. Be better than the rest. For example, before reading this article I checked a lot of other manuals on this topic and found that there was a lot of rubbish with 1 million words and no clear steps what to do. So I thought, why can’t I advise better than those guys? They were optimizing text for search engines and didn’t care about the reader. So in this article, you will find more useful advice.

What are the main tasks you have to accomplish to start earning?

  • create channels that will acquire audience/users;
  • understand your audience in order to understand how to “sell” or monetize it;
  • monetize, monetize, monetize.

What steps to follow to grow the audience:

  • create accounts in different channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. As you never know which one will work better;
  • start giving the useful or interesting content that is opened to everyone;
  • see the growth and manipulate it. If one video/post acquire more users – you should focus on that topic more;
  • avoid actions that reduce retention rate. If you post an article rarely it can affect the users. Which is why you should post content evenly to keep the retention rate as low as you can;
  • use some analytical tools (usually built-in) to segment your audience and start seeking advertisers directly;
  • monetize your audience but keep the retention rate as low as you can. You should remember that you can make money in social network once but if it will destroy your reputation or decrease the audience slightly – does it worth it? So it is better to find relevant affiliate promotion or monetization using ads without annoying the users.

Do not wait for someone to show you something else. Now you have the power to start and succeed. The knowledge is something you will get later on your own experience. When I started my first project I knew nothing and that was my power and advantage because I was not doing as everyone does. So my results were extraordinary and unexpected. Believe in yourself. And start your social network carrier right now!

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