Data entry jobs: overview, salaries and duties

It’s the easiest job that you can apply online. You do not need any experience for obtaining a data entry position. The goal is to enter some kind of information into special software, write information from scanned pdf files into Google sheets etc. Every company has its own needs. So if you have time to perform simple manual actions multiple times you can get paid well.

How to start earning on data entry?

Firstly, you should select an online platform to find opened positions. The biggest amount of data entry jobs ou can find on:

  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • Craiglist
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr

Secondly, you have to be sure that you know how to withdraw your money. Most of the people start doing it after they already have some funds to withdraw. But that it’s not fully correct. Since most of banks & services have big fees for bank transfers the best way is to create a Payoneer account and obtain a debit card. For example, your fees would be 1$ per withdrawal on Upwork while wire transfer would be 30$. Hope that helps you.

Thirdly, assure you have enough time to perform tasks and complete them. Some people do not like to do data entry because its boring. Assure you will cope with the job before you apply. I am sure you don’t want let down the client.

What are the types of online data entry jobs?

data entry jobs to make money online

There a lot of them. Just to sum them up let’s review them briefly:

  1. Plain data entry. Good reading and writing skills in English are mandatory. One of the main requirements is accuracy and fast typing.
  2. Typist. Companies have a user base that they want to email or respond to. Which is why they usually need a typist that to cover those duties. But apart from data entry or typing, you should also have some knowledge on how to treat customers.
  3. Data cleaning. Some websites have algorithms that collect data from various sources. In order to clean it from outliers or to fix mistakes, they open a data cleaning positions without prior experience needed. Usually, rates are 4-8$ depending on your skills.
  4. Surveys (form filling). All you have to do is to fill the forms correctly. Do not make mistakes. Accuracy is mandatory so please be careful. To make a survey can take you 5-15 minutes. There are multiple services you can find online like Swagbucks, Hiving, YouGov, Toluna.
  5. Captcha Entry Jobs. Pretty simple but low paid position. Only if you can find a good client your rate per hour can start at 2-3$. Otherwise, you can not so much make money online as from other data entry tasks.
  6. Formatting and Editing. Everyone likes the data to be clean and visually appealing. On Upwork you can find a lot of tasks to format/edit data even from well-known corporations. If you know any formatting or editing tool it would be an advantage and increase your rate per hour significantly. Monthly income for a good editor start from 1’000$ and can even be 2’400$ as you may work with multiple clients at the same time.

If you are a using a computer as the main source of your income – do not forget to evolve constantly. The more you know – the higher is the cost of your services.

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