Backlinks: does it worth to monetize a website by placing external links?

Let’s start with a definition. Backlink – it is a link that redirects users from your website to any other website. Usually, people say that the more backlinks you have, the bigger is a website popularity.

And you can measure popularity by finding yourself in the top of a Google Search (Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Rambler, Yandex, MSN etc). If you think you can only monetize website through AdSense that is not true. You can literally sell everything that can be disclosed to the audience that visits your blog. A webpage often contains a lot of data: content, photos, backlinks, product placement etc.

What are the attributes of a “good” backlink?

The popularity of your blog is not as important as backlinks quantity, authority and PageRank. Those are key parameters for SEO (optimizers). The higher these parameters are – the more valuable would be the link from the website. Backlinks are considered to be the best if:

  • they are located on the homepage;
  • there are not more than 3-5 links on a page (depending on its length, of course;
  • PageRank of the page is equal to 4 or 5.

In this case, if you monetize your website using backlinks, one link can cost up to 250 dollars annually. So you can earn at least 1’000 per year only by promoting 5 external sources on the homepage. If there are more options for insertion on other pages – your income grows accordingly. The only difficulty you will have is the control over each placement, the payments terms and promoted content.


Are there any automated ways to sell external links from a website?

Sure there are many of them. They prefer to work with placements only from the home pages and the prices are low. If you buy a heap of links at once – there always are options to get a discount. But the quality is not as good as buyers expect it to be.

If you are a buyer

So, as a buyer, to get a good backlink:

  • you have to check available sources;
  • define relevant one;
  • request a price and compare to your expectations;
  • purchase links for the specified period and start building a network.

As you can see it is not as easy as it seems. Quality is very bad so you should not expect popular sources to sell backlinks at low prices. Usually, you will find strange websites being donors and having sensitive categories: medical, political, celebrities etc. So make a double verification for each of them before the purchase.

If you are a seller

You should only start selling the placements and monetization in a simple and automated way. But eventually, you will be paying fees to any platform. But assure that your links are redirecting to relevant websites. Otherwise, both parties will be losing authority.


Does it worth to monetize the website with external links?

With automated services – no. Just place an order on craigslist or any freelance website, or state it in a widget of your website. Anyway, it worth checking the content and placing the links yourself. Just save time and cut the middleman to earn more money from a website by keeping a high level of quality in place.

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